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After  attending the recent In Goop Health Summit in Los Angeles, The Local Moms Network’s Megan Sullivan came back inspired and ready to share some of her takeaways with our team and followers. She says the decision to go was easy. “I am a huge fan of Gwyneth Paltrow and the Goop brand. When I received the invite offering a ‘mind-body-soul reset’ filled with ‘restorative workshops and classes—for the spirit, for the body, for the mind, and for beauty, I knew that this was the perfect weekend to escape away from CT to sunny Los Angeles,” says Megan. One memorable highlight? Dancing with one of the stars from Dancing with the Stars. “I was lucky enough to take a dance class with Julianne Hough, which was amazing; I was in the front row and even made the Goop Instagram Stories! Was such a great way to approach exercise!” Here are some of the other experiences that stayed with her, and are inspiring us, too.

Self-Care Is Crucial
Megan has three young boys and a busy career, so suffice it to say she doesn’t have a ton of time to herself—but she makes the most of her free moments. For her, the weekend reinforced that belief by reinvigorating her both personally and professionally. “Actually taking the time for self-care as a mom is so important and when you can also go with great friends it makes it just that much better,” says Megan.

Health is a Holistic Endeavor
From insightful panels from wellness experts to collagen drinks and macrobiotic snacks, the variety  was huge, says Megan. “I am all about Health & Wellness—we eat clean, organic, grass-fed and even have a large vegetable garden and a mother in law with chickens for eggs! I practice the same awareness in all of my beauty products,” says Megan, who says she found out about interesting products and brands that were new to her.

Quality Food is A Key to Good Health
“I went to a food panel, hosted by Seamus Mullen who just came out with a wonderful new book, Real Food Heals,” says Megan. In his talk, Seamus drove home the message that you can, “Pay the farmers today or your doctor tomorrow.” Food as a tool for disease prevention, is an #ingoodhealth concept we can all keep in mind.

There’a a Smart Way to Deal with Conflict
The Opening Panel saw Gwyneth Paltrow and Elizabeth Gilbert, author of Eat, Pray, Love discuss loss as well as conflict. Megan shares something Elizabeth touched on regarding conflict made a big impression on her. “She said, ‘Let’s just start with the truth (and save us all time), because we are going to end up there anyway.’ By starting with truth we erase much of the pain and drama.’” And seriously, what busy mom has time for drama?

Gratitude is Everything
“We are lucky to be here and live this wonderful life,’ says Megan. Going forward, she says she’ll practice gratitude by saying “I get to” instead of “I have to” because not everyone does!

Joy Is An Essential Part of Parenting
As a mom of three, Megan says one of her favorite panel discussions was led by speaker Christie Mann called Emotional Agility for Parents. “She gave us tools to harness our emotions such as anger, pain, sadness, frustration and JOY and allow them to come in. Which will in turn allow us to be better parents.”

Girl Chats Can be the Best Chats
The final ‘evening fireside’ chat that occurred after a beautiful cocktail party featured a panel of Hollywood women including Taraji Henson, Olivia Wilde, Jessica Alba and Busy Phillips, and Megan said it was fascinating. “All of these women were successful actresses and left that role to pursue other passions. It’s important as a female not to feel that you only have one path. No matter what you did in the past, you can always “Pivot” and more in another direction,” says Megan. Clearly, something The Local Moms Network, which has created over 100 jobs for moms nationwide, is all about!

Building a Community Is Amazing
Of course, we are also biased here, but we love this one. “A true takeaway for me is how amazing this community is that GP has built. We were 500 women there all seeking the same end game, many of whom came alone. I met wonderful people and learned so much,” says Megan.

Moms Supporting Moms Isn’t Just A Catch Phrase
Traveling with friends, including Heather Terry and Selina Fletcher of Papergreats and Jordan Rhodes of Glimpse Guides, made the trip that much better. Says Megan: “We went out to amazing restaurants, exchanged stories and detoxed all together. Mostly we just gave feedback on each’ others businesses to help them grow bigger in the future.”

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