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by: Caryn McAllister, High Quality Home Therapy

When you or someone in your family is struggling with a health issue such as autism, back pain, cerebral palsy, dementia, developmental delay, headache, chronic pain, concussion, Multiple Sclerosis, Pelvic Floor Dysfunction, POTS, Scoliosis, social or emotional delay, stroke, traumatic brain injury or Vestibulopathies, the medical world can be confusing. But when faced with problems like these, you shouldn’t have to jump through hoops to get the care you need. That’s where High Quality Home Therapy comes in.

Getting the right care for yourself or your loved one should be simple.

At High Quality Home Therapy, rehab specialists such as physical, occupational and speech therapists utilize a holistic neurological approach to look at each individual and evaluate strengths and deficits, create goals and plan of action and incorporate strategies to improve functioning, utilizing superpower therapy techniques to get results!

But, I can’t figure out if they’re in-network with my insurance company.

Dealing with insurance companies shouldn’t be difficult, daunting and overwhelming. Dr. Caryn McAllister created a unique model to help patients utilize their insurance coverage. Stamford based High Quality Home Therapy offers physical, occupational, speech and massage therapy services, functional medicine, nutrition, personal training and social work to patients of all ages in their spa-like medical clinic, local gyms and patients’ homes throughout Connecticut and Westchester, New York. “What we do differently is help navigate the insurance process, provide exceptional care and advocate fiercely. Our dedicated team works with families to maximize benefits & minimize out of pocket expenses,” says Caryn McAllister, DPT, founder and president of High Quality Home Therapy.

What you never knew insurance will pay for:

• Massage therapy
• Manual therapy (stretching, myofascial release, etc.)
• Pelvic floor rehab
• Physical training
• Pilates
• Social, Emotional, & Cognitive Skill Development
• Vestibular Therapy

Why is this kind of therapy important?

A great neuro-rehab specialist can address the whole you! Typically, orthopedic injuries (sprains, strains, surgeries, etc.) involve pain, a neurological condition. Our therapists can work on a specific problem (such as back pain, or a shoulder injury) while simultaneously addressing the underlying cause. For example, if you tripped and sprained your ankle, we would address the musculoskeletal component of the ankle sprain to facilitate healing, but we would also evaluate why you tripped in the first place, and focus on preventing another fall.

Your therapy is only as good as your therapist. We are lucky to have amazing providers at High Quality Home Therapy!

Erin Fiakos, DPT, lead physical therapist at High Quality Home Therapy, has a passion for working with people one-on-one, helping them restore pain free living, mobility, quality of life and strength. Erin specializes in chronic pain, concussion, Parkinson’s Disease, pelvic floor rehab, Multiple Sclerosis, stroke and Vestibular Therapy which allows her to treat a variety of age groups and diagnoses. Dr. Fiakos’s compassion, knowledge and professionalism in neurological care is incomparable, as evidenced by her lengthy waiting list for new patients. Erin can be found in our Stamford office on Mondays and Wednesdays, and in homes throughout Fairfield and New Haven counties on all other days.

Marie Morgan, MS, OT is one of our amazing occupational therapists who brings her creativity into enhancing the lives of those she works with. She is trained in various techniques, but uses an approach that is completely individualized so no treatment is the same. Marie leads social skills groups, works on sensorimotor issues as well as behavioral, emotional and social development, fine motor control, handwriting, strength and coordination and helps people work on activities of daily living. Marie was meant to be an OT and what drew her to the profession was the direct impact it makes on people.

Sophia Conte, MA, SLP is one of our 10 speech therapists at High Quality Home Therapy who work with both children and adults. People often think speech therapists only work on speech, but they don’t! Speech therapists help people who have articulation, cognitive, emotional, executive functioning, fluency, language organizational, speech and social issues / delays, all of which can be due to age, anxiety, brain injury, developmental delays, or other reasons. Sophia, along with our growing speech therapy team, handles our language, speech and reading assessments and leads social skills groups that we offer in Fairfield, Westport & Stamford.

We are excited to welcome Rhegan Fisher, SLP to our practice. Rhegan will begin working with patients next month and is currently accepting patients.

Next time you or your family member has a therapy need, reach out. We would love the opportunity to help you navigate the insurance maze and achieve those rehab goals!

(This post is sponsored by High Quality Home Therapy. Photos provided by High Quality Home Therapy.)

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